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  • 09/06/2014
  • 09/07/2014
  • Littlestown Fish and Game

Course Topics for CCW Permit Training


The Adams County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with local firearms ranges and sporting clubs is presenting a 16 hour CCW course to be conducted over two days of 8 hours of instruction each. The course is open for those individuals who have applied for a license to carry (CCW permit), to those who already possess a permit or who are renewing an expired permit and those who are interested in obtaining their PA LTC-CCW Permit.  The cost of the course is $65.00.

The course will be approximately 50% classroom and 50% range through a combination of instructor lecture and hands on training.

Attendees will be required to bring a handgun in good working order and suitable for concealed carry along with two boxes of ammunition for that weapon (100 rounds). Attendees should also bring a writing instrument for taking notes.

Classroom Part 1:

·       Firearm Safety.

·       Firearm Terminology.

·       Different Types of Firearms.

·       Ammunition calibers, types and selection.

·       Choosing the right firearm for you.

·       The truth about stopping power and terminal ballistics.

·       Concealed carry holsters and options, drawing from concealed carry.

·       Proper loading and shooting techniques.

·       Acquiring Proper Shooting Techniques (Sight alignment, sight picture, trigger press, grip, stance, presentation, etc.).

·       Mastering trigger control.

·       Mastering recoil.

·       Care, Maintenance and Safe Storage of Firearms and Ammunition.

Classroom Part 2 Topics:

·       Need for liability insurance/access to legal council before hand.

·       Color Code of Mental and Situational Awareness.

·       Action v. Reaction; The OODA Loop.

·       Use of Deadly Force and the Law.

·       Civil Liability; Restraints on lethal force (duty to retreat and the PA Castle Doctrine).

·       Pre-fight and post-fight issues,

·       Close-quarters shooting

·       Decision triangle/disparity of force legal concepts 

·       Criminal liability (assault, homicide, etc.).

·       Consequences of misusing your LTC-CCW permit.

·       Utilizing your firearm under stress conditions.

·       Post shooting legal implications, civil and/or criminal.

·       Mental and physical conditioning and personal awareness.

·       What to do if you are involved in a shooting - post shooting trauma/PTS, your mind set, the legal/moral implications, how to deal with 911 and the police response and the follow up investigation.

Range drills will include:

·       Loading/unloading (revolver/semi-automatics)

·       Proper grip.

·       Proper combat/shooting stance,

·       Acquiring the proper sight picture and sight alignment.

·       Flash picture and point shooting techniques.

·       Proper trigger control.

·       Presentation from the ready, holster and re-holstering methods.

·       Target engagement from arms length to 25 yards under timed conditions.

·       Target Discrimination Drills (Cognitive, Hand Eye Motor Skills)

·       Getting Off the X: Shooting and moving; Moving and Shooting; Shooting while moving.

·       Malfunction clearance techniques

·       Tactical target engagement (Scanning, Cover, Concealment).

·       Basic firearms security methods.

·       Note: Those who successfully complete all phases of the training will receive a certificate of training.

This is a two (2) day course. 

Contact John J. Davis for course registration. 

 John J. Davis at 717 778-2075



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